About Us

The Mobile’s Derby Darlings, LLC, is a non-profit women’s roller derby team and a community outreach program based in Mobile, Alabama. We are a civic athletic organization that promotes the amateur sport of women’s roller derby. We provide a diverting fitness opportunity for adult women that encourage general well being and instill in its members a strong sense of responsibility to community through charitable acts and volunteer work. The organization is democratically governed and follows the guidelines of, “The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association”. We strive to educate others that roller derby is a REAL SPORT, the fastest growing sport in the nation according to statistics.

We have participated in numerous fundraising events in which a portion of proceeds were donated to Volunteers of America and Ronald McDonald House. We also donated a portion of proceeds from bouts to programs such as “Operation Backpack” and “Don’t Forget Momma” an annual event for women that are alone on mother’s day due to death or seperation. Our goal for 2012 is to double our charity work.

Our first bout, “Beach You Down” on July 30, 2011, had 656 individual entry purchases at the door the date of the event.

Here we are 2014 still going strong! We continue to donate a portion of all proceeds from every game to local charities.  MDD has also participated in many local charity /non-profit events. The Alabama Kidney Foundation Walk, Cancer Chili Cook-off to name a couple. MDD IS always available to help promote your business, charity and/or fundraiser. Please email us to check our availability.

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