Welcome MDD fans and supporters!!!!

Mobiles Derby Darlings

We are always looking for new skaters, Refs, and NSOs (non-skating officials). No skating experience needed, just show up to one of our practices every Monday and Wednesday night 7pm to 9pm on Three Knotch Rd. or contact info@mobilesderbydarlings.com for more info.


Congratulations to our 2014 elected positions.

President- Sweeping Booty

Vice President – Bitter Hitter

Treasurer – Iron Jawed Angel
 Secretary – Jab-her-Wocky
Skater Representative – Her Hineyz Mione
Captain -Brown Eyed Bullet
Co-Captain – Knick Knack Patty Whack
Coach –
Yogi A. Bearings

Assistant Coach – Sweeps Wit Booty
Head Referee -Crazy Eyes

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